Local health reassure community on two Coast-linked COVID cases

Central Coast Local Health District (CCLHD) has reassured the community that two Sydney residents who spent time on the Central Coast while infectious with COVID-19 present no risk to the public.

CCLHD Chief Executive, Dr Andrew Montague, said all potential contacts of the two COVID-19 cases were immediately identified and advised of any potential risk to their health.

“One of the cases spent time in a holiday park, and there were no contacts linked to this case at the park,” Montague said.

“The other case was a worker at a Central Coast construction site, and a small number of casual contacts have been notified at the construction site.

“These businesses have COVID-19 safety plans in place and there is no ongoing risk to the Central Coast community.”

Montague said both cases are linked to known cases in Sydney but while there is no ongoing risk to the Coast community from these cases, it was important people do not become complacent about testing.

“Testing rates on the Central Coast have been declining,” he said.

“We ask everyone to remain vigilant and continue monitoring for symptoms.

“If you notice any symptoms, no matter how mild, it is essential you get tested.”

Symptoms could include a runny nose, a scratchy throat, cough or fever, he said.

“Get tested on the day you get symptoms, don’t wait to see if they go away.

“There is no limit on how many tests you can have.

“Testing is quick, free and easy, and most people receive their test result within 24 hours.”

Media release, Oct 15
Central Coast Local Health District