A billion dollars that could be better spent … simple as ABC

The demand from ABC that it needs more funds, that certain programs should not be axed and that we should all rally behind its never ending thirst for more and more of tax payer’s money is not only irresponsible but also delusional.

I have loyally watched ABC’ s many programs such as Four corners, Q and A, Australian story and Insiders from the early eighties.

As the whole ideology, reporting and discussions of these programs evolved (into being) more anticonservative, left leaning and finally overtly hostile towards 50 per cent of Australians who have different ideology, values and political principles, I have stopped watching ABC.

Any number of articles, objective appeals and even gentle reproach from both major and minor political parties for balanced and objective Q and A sessions, media watch, political interviews and insiders programs have been rejected and completely ignored.

When the new CEO was appointed, I held some hopes of fantasy that she would see the errors of the board and provide some voice for the average Australians like me and not continually play the drum for the so called elite, academic and self-righteous ABC fanatics.

Alas, NOTHING has changed.

So, I wonder and most strongly object to my wasted dollars on further propping up this behemoth while it is already bloated to more than a billion dollars.

I would rather the billion dollars were spent on struggling small businesses, the homeless and needy.

Email, Oct 10
Dr. N. Padmanabhan, Terrigal