Urgent call for in-home care workers answered

Hajni Kevi and Angie Garside of Trusted Home Care

With aged care homes at the forefront of the COVID-19 battle and the Royal Commission looking into their quality and safety, the number of people choosing in-home care across the Central Coast appears to be increasing.

The in-home care agedand disability service based at Erina, Trusted Home Care, has experienced this rapid rise first-hand, with co-founder of the organisation, Karen Barrett, struggling to keep up with demand.

Last month she put out an urgent call for support workers and since has received almost 30 applications from people who come from a variety of work and personal backgrounds.

Whilst being able to offer employment to 12 new staff members, the company is still on the hunt for more workers.

“It has been amazing to bring on a whole new team of staff, and each and everyone one of them are so caring and are excelling in their roles,” Barrett said.

“The applicants we have received have come from people with a variety of different professional backgrounds, with some coming across from completely unrelated industries.

“We have had a few Qantas workers applying who have been made redundant.”

Growing up in Hungary, Hajni Kevi was a registered nurse but has not been able to use her professional nursing qualifications since moving to Australia.

After losing her previous job due to COVID, she was forced to seek further employment.

“I started at Trusted Home Care two weeks ago after seeing the advertisement in Central Coast Newspaper and I got the job in three days.

“I love the work, I love to look after people and people with disabilities, so it has been so great,” Kevi said.

Angie Garside has worked at Trusted Home Care for two years and said she loves her job despite initially being hesitant about the role.

“I never this sort of job would be for me, but honestly, I have never had a better job, and I have had many jobs previously.

“I would really recommend people come and working here as you don’t even feel like you are working, you just become close with people and make their days better, and I love that part of it,” Garside said.

Garside said that some of her clients prefer in-home care because of the higher quality of care, something that has been a focus of the recent Royal Commission.

“A lot of my aged care clients that I take care of, really do believe that if they end up in a nursing home that they will die sooner than what they would at home,” Garside said.

NDIS covers much of this care, however, there is an increasing trend for self-funded retirees purchasing private care packages.

The deinstitutionalisation of the aged care industry is one of many trends expected to continue due to the restrictions and dangers posed by COVID-19.

Jacinta Counihan

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