Sea wall saga


The residents of the Coast who believe (in) building a sea wall at Wamby beach have got their heads in the sand (what’s left of it).

If you think this will solve the problems, you’d be foolish and naïve.

The first line of defence is our sand dunes that help feed the adjacent sand banks which protect the shoreline in big storms.

We have already manipulated the sand and water flow by the building of houses on the dune.

A sea wall from lagoon to lagoon would just divert the problems to either end of the wall and have a massive impact on the dune at the northern end which if you look at previous storms always keeps the northern beach stable.

This would almost certainly put residents around lagoons at risk (save Peter to destroy Paul).

It is ridiculous to suggest that water is not rising, climate change deniers.

A buy out scheme is the only logical answer, and this will continue for many years if the Greens aren’t listened to.

Man-made outer reefs could help break up the huge swells and provide fishing and surfing for the Coast’s economy.

A wall directly on the eastern side of Ocean View Dr should be considered to keep the road if nature decides to claim back the dune.

Email, Sep 12
J. Lewis, Wamberal

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