Cannot repair road properly as it was in too poor a condition

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I live on Railway Rd, Warnervale, and have been complaining to Central Coast Council about the state of this thoroughfare for a number of years.

The answer, if any, was that it was way down on council’s priority list.

Recently, because of the construction of the water pipeline from Mardi to Warnervale, a plethora of heavy trucks with trailers have been using Railway Rd as an access thoroughfare to the pipeline construction.

This, of course, is totally destroying our little road.

On Friday, September 18, what should come along but the council truck with its hot mix dispenser, filling most of the hundreds of pot holes but, as we all know, this is a pathetic bandaid solution, as the fill attaches to the bottom of our vehicles and the rest lasts until the next rain shower.

I spoke to a council employee who advised that even though the construction contractors, Spiecapag and Seymour Whyte, should repair the damage caused by its vehicles when the task is completed, this would mean a basic reconstruction of Railway Rd.

The council engineer, however, lacking consideration for the residents or intestinal fortitude, let them off the hook and opted for the hot mix “solution” paid for by council.

The employee also advised that they cannot repair the road properly as it was in too poor a condition.

This, to me, is oxymoronic.

I have written to Wyong MP, David Harris, and Federal Member for Robertson, Emma McBride, to no avail.

Email, Sept 21
Kenneth Vesper, Warnervale