Time to buy Australian


[Forum] When you are in the supermarket aisle it is difficult to read the miniscule print on the labels.

You are conscious of social distancing and taking up space with your trolley.

I’ve spent some isolation time reading the fine print and I feel I should have done better.

Glen 20 and Dettol disinfectant both made in Poland.

Dettol hand sanitizer also Poland, but the Coles bulk refill was made in Australia.

Pledge furniture polish Australia (I’m glad it is not Polish polish!).

Morning Fresh detergent Indonesia, Palmolive detergent Australia (in recycled bottle!).

Nerada tea and Nescafe both Australia.

Cedel toothpaste Australia.

And Masterfoods – bless them – based on the Central Coast.

Do you think some of your readers might simplify the choice procedure by sharing their Aussie finds?

With so many unemployed it’s time to get 2020 vision on this.

Email, Aug 2
F. Tattersall, Point Clare