New website to support Crestani Scholarships

Yvonne Crestani and Jean Werk in his permaculture garden

For 15 years, Crestani Scholarships has relied on the goodwill of volunteers to help run the foundation, which raises scholarship funds for Central Coast medical professionals to undertake study in search of cancer treatments.

Yvonne Crestani founded Crestani Scholarships in honour of her husband, Chris Crestani, who was the chief radiotherapist at St Vincent’s Hospital but sadly passed away from cancer in 2006.

Crestani has relied heavily on volunteers since the beginning, and this month she showed appreciation to Jean Werk, who volunteered to design a website that was informative, attractive and accessible.

“When it came time to get a website, we needed to find the right person and one that understood our mission and purpose,” she said.

“The Crestani Scholarships Foundation is a unique charity which raises funds for better outcomes for cancer patients.”

Werk has a personal connection to the foundation, with his wife Sarah as the foundation’s IT support expert.

After working in large IT companies for many years, in 2016, Werk launched his website designing company on the Central Coast called Bright Blue Gum.

“When I heard the foundation was looking for a web designer, I was really happy to volunteer my services,” Werk said.

“I wanted to escape the overcrowding in Sydney.

“It’s a different lifestyle, and I like working from home.”

To ensure the website for Crestani Scholarship Foundation is accessible to everyone, Werk said he made a conscious effort in keeping it simple.

“I have put a special emphasis on accessibility, especially for people with a disability,” Werk said.

Crestani Scholarships Foundation, based at East Gosford, is always looking for volunteers from the community to help keep the organisation running.

Media release, Aug 6
Crestani Scholarships