Sky has lost its way

[Forum] I noted with great mirth the ‘ABC has lost its way’ letter in edition 197.

I do enjoy ‘tongue in cheek’ letters like these and have responded in kind.

Sky have become pussy cats lately.

When I switch it on, I am inundated with happy messages of people being nice to others and accepting to indigenous, foreigners and people of different skin and religions.

Stop it, I am much more comfortable when I have someone to look down on.

Also stop being nice about the Labor Party who haven’t been in government for seven years.

We all know why.

They want workers to get a decent wage and health and education and that’s not good for us shareholders.

And for cripes sake stop banging on about climate change.

We all know that the fires last summer, and the floods after that, and the hail and the uncharacteristic droughts and storms and dead rivers and the coronavirus and my arthritis are China’s fault, and have nothing to do with fossil fuels or the governing of the country, and even if they did, we can’t stop now because what if the sky falls in and our jobs disappear?

It’s also not our job to worry about the future or the world we leave to our grandkids.

I’m afraid that Sky has lost its way.

Perhaps we need a Royal Commission into it.

So Sky, if you’ll just go back to giving us distractions and scapegoats and help us divide the community and confuse the facts so we shareholders can keep raking it in, my bank will be much happier.

Email, Jul 17
Terry Carlan, Summerland Point

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