Pacific Highway upgrade through Wyong is not the answer

Pacific Highway, Wyong, in dire need of an upgrade. Archive 2019

[Forum] I agree with James Donachie (Chronicle Forum July 8) regarding the Pacific Highway upgrade through Wyong, that this will cause major disruption for years.

Is that why the government is so afraid to start it?

The section to be upgraded will only mean that the traffic problem will be moved a few hundred metres down the road.

How will people trying to get out of Cutler Dr ever get to join the highway heading south?

Also, if Mr Donachie’s information regarding parking in the CBD is correct, that is just crazy.

Surely the best long-term option has always been some adaptation of the Eastern Bypass, which could be built with hardly any traffic disruption, taking the traffic not going into the local areas right away from it, and the two-lane highway that currently exists past Kooindah Waters.

That would be perfectly adequate for many years to come.

Email, Jul 17
Roger Davenport, Watanobbi