Charges across the LGA need to be equitable

Gosford and Wyong merge

[Forum] When Wyong and Gosford Councils amalgamated, I wrote to each councillor to voice my concern over the possible inequality of charges levied against the two former LGA areas, as Wyong was in a much better fiscal position than Gosford.

I was worried that residents in the northern part of the shire would bear a greater financial burden than those of the southern part of the shire.

I read in your newspaper last week, a story about applicants in the Long Jetty LGA being charged substantially more in contributions than those in the former Gosford LGA when applying for a granny flat.

Wyong Council submitted to IPART in 2013, approval to increase rates by 6.9 per cent over 7 years to overcome a large deficit.

Remember this was compounding year on year.

To my knowledge, the former residents of the Gosford LGA didn’t suffer these same increases.

Readers will not be surprised that not one councillor responded to my concerns.

If charges are not equitable across the shire then confidence in our system of government will be eroded.

Email, Jun 29
Garry Clifford, Glenning Valley

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