The ABC has lost its way

[Forum] I’ve been a life long consumer of ABC TV and Radio and considered myself a friend of the ABC.

But I’ve noticed over several years that the ABC has moved away from reporting both sides of an issue and I reckon they are now firmly in the left`s camp.

Programmes like 7:30 Report, The Drum, Insiders and especially Q&A, are now centre or conservative free zones, and have only Lefties, Greenies and women’s groups and so on, being invited on the above, who all agree with each other.

Where is the debate on today’s vital issues?

The ABC gets $1B of taxpayer money per year to keep a balanced and unbiased view, but I’m afraid that the ABC has lost its way and needs some sort of commission to see what has happened and bring it back to the centre where it belongs.

Email, Jun 19
Andrew Clarke, Lake Haven

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