Bouncing back from breast cancer online

Kate Perkins

An Erina based Occupational Therapist and Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist has launched a new comprehensive online program for breast cancer survivors to utilise during COVID-19.

Kate Perkins runs the Cancer Rehabilitation and Lymphatic Solutions Clinic at Erina.

Working primarily with women recovering from breast cancer, many of Perkins’ clients fell into the high-risk category for the coronavirus.

Fearing that they could potentially lose access to the essential services they need, Perkins decided to take her offering digital and now she’s connecting with hundreds of women online via her Bounce Back From Breast Cancer program.

An exercise rehab program, Bounce Back was launched in May and features a library of 22 detailed instructional videos that guide users through exercise routines in a similar fashion to what they’d be doing in the clinic.

The program is suitable for women going through the three major phases of breast cancer (pre-surgery, post-surgery and recovery) and includes face-to-face consultations with Perkins so patients can discuss their individualised programs and any additional needs or concerns they may have.

Perkins also hosts regular discussions with other health professionals working in the breast cancer space to unpack relevant issues, break down aspects of the program and to discuss some of the latest information regarding treatment and rehab.

Building a community of women where patients going through the various stages could turn to for support was also a major goal of Perkins’ and she’s happy to report that her ‘Bounce Back Babes’ are thriving.

“I developed Bounce Back as an online community and training program because I wanted to reach as many women as possible going through breast cancer.

“I know there are women who just don’t have access to the type of services I provide and find it very difficult to recover from treatment with loss of strength, movement and energy,” Perkins said.

“Starting with the very basics of posture, correct movement patterns, and giving the ‘why’ you would perform the exercises or movements.

“I want women to feel confident to perform these exercises in the comfort of their own home and know that they can actually do the program,” Perkins said.

More information about the program is available on the Bounce Back From Breast Cancer website.

Dilon Luke