Council to develop Disaster Resilience Strategy

In the wake of last summer’s devastating bushfire season, Central Coast Council is getting ready to cope with any future disasters in the region with the preparation of a Disaster Resilience Strategy (DRS).

To be compiled by Council’s Environmental Strategies Unit, it will set the strategic direction for disaster and emergency risks management, enhancing the region’s capacity to prepare, plan for and cope with disasters.

It will establish a Council-wide approach to working and partnering with external stakeholders to build regional disaster resilience.

“The Strategy sets a clear direction on Council’s roles and responsibilities including identifying knowledge gaps and developing plans to overcome these gaps,” a Council media release said.

“Traditionally councils only provided support to combat agencies.”

“However, the nature and extent of disasters are fast evolving and necessitate a proactive and forward-thinking approach to coordinate disaster risk reduction, response, recovery, and ongoing planning.

“Disaster resilience requires a planned and consolidated approach with leadership, awareness and building internal capacity for efficient delivery of resilience measures.”

The strategy will set out time frames for implementation and identify keys actions to enhance regional disaster resilience,

Working group meetings will soon commence with both internal and external stakeholders.

Media release, Jun12
Central Coast Council