Why does Council seem to only meet with UDIA on planning?

Letters to the editor

[Forum] It’s quite disappointing to hear of the 22 meetings that our Council’s Strategic Planning and Development staff attended with the Urban Development Institute (UDIA) of Australia from 2017-19.

The UDIA is essentially a front group for developers on the Central Coast so its baffling as to why Council staff need to have so many meetings with this lobby group?

This is especially worrying when, during the same period, the Council strategic planners attending no other consultations with other community groups which are more representative of the broader needs of our community.

One wonders what encourages the strategic planning group to have such frequent visits to the UDIA and what discourages them from visiting other groups like the Community Environment Network (CEN)?

CEN pushes for sustainable development on the Central Coast to maintain our wonderful environment and quality of life, which is the envy of people living in gridlocked Sydney.

I wonder if it’s the mung-bean and cheese sandwiches or the orange cordial refreshments which has put off Council staff from consulting with CEN or other community groups?

I would like to remind Council staff who prefer the company of developers that it’s not this self-interest group who pay your salaries but the ratepayers of the broader community, who you may also want to consider representing in the future.

Email, May 19
Tahir Turk, Springfield

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