Still waiting for a retraction

Letters to the editor

Godfrey Franz, where have you been – searching for enlightenment?

I am still waiting for your retraction regarding your totally false claim I am a paid-up member of the Labour Party made in the Forum of edition 227 of this paper.

Why would anyone believe your correspondence in edition 238 commenting on the same topic: it’s a 100 per cent character turnaround from your previous email?

The only purpose of both your emails is to support the Liberal Party, which as the informed know has a serious environmental phobia, starting with opinions expressed in the local media.

With every Mr Franz email published in Coast Community News, the credibility of the Liberal Party diminishes.

What will be Mr Franz’s next move? I expect it will be more of the same with more false accusations testing the standards of the Coast Community News.

Mr Franz is advised to move to inner Sydney where there is no evidence of fuel load and no requirement for forest management.

Perhaps Mr Franz yearns for the 24 hour economy missing on the Central Coast for the lifestyle that embraces it’s natural features and benefits?

I do not expect this information to dent Mr Franz’s defensive wall.

Letter, April 21
Norman Harris, Umina