Documented evidence available on request

Letters to the editor

[Forum] My thanks to Godfrey Franz considering my letter (Forum edition 237) as a “joke”.

That is exactly the reaction I expected because no climate change denier is ever likely to submit their writings for close and educated evaluation by a recognised tertiary science institution because they know that their writings are devoid of any semblance of scientific rigor.

Godfrey also demanded documented evidence supporting climate change.

The trouble is not his implied lack of evidence for climate change but the demonstrated lack of ability (or will) of the deniers to understand the evidence presently available.

This I am willing to provide to anyone, but I need to be convinced that the recipient is capable of fully understanding the scientific concepts, observations and measurements in such documents.

If Godfrey is interested in receiving such documentation, he can make a personal request for my email address to the Editor.

Email, Apr 19

Col Hodgson, Mt Elliot