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Firstly, an update on the COVID-19 coronavirus and NSW has recorded just 39 new cases in the 24 hours to Wednesday night – that’s the lowest rate of new infections for almost a month.

Published at 2020, April 09
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Hi, I’m Ross Barry, welcome to this week’s Friday 5@5 which is in fact Thursday 5@5.

We’re sending this out to you a day early so you can catch up on the latest news over a hot cross bun.

COVID19 and Gosford Hospital

Unfortunately for us here on the Coast, the news is not so good – In news just to hand, we’ve learnt that 12 of these new cases were linked to a ward at Gosford hospital, including two patients, six staff and four family visitors.

The affected ward has been closed and community contact tracing is underway, but Local District Health have advised us that Gosford Hospital remains open and operational.

Some other interesting data from NSW health is that of the 161 symptomatic travellers quarantined in hotels in recent weeks, 36 (or 22 per cent) have tested positive to COVID-19.

Don Harwin

In other breaking news this morning, NSW Minister for the Arts, Don Harwin has created a media storm after being ambushed by journalists at his Pearl Beach holiday home.

The revelation has raised the ire of the public amid claims the Minister was flouting the rules.

Minister Harwin however claims to have been residing at Pearl Beach due to health reasons and that he arrived three weeks ago, prior to the latest round of travel restrictions.

It is understood he has now returned to Sydney at the request of the Premier.

It’s now been 3 weeks since initial restrictions on travel and social gatherings were introduced – let’s cross to David Abrahams to see how the community is holding up.


Thanks Ross. Well, Don Harwin did create some angst – we heard from Labor Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch who had this to say.

[Liesl Tesch interview]

Well, as Liesl has alluded to, the rules have been clearly spelt out and they are being enforced.

We’ve seen already this week an increased police presence around the Central Coast and Terrigal MP Adam Crouch earlier this week said the State was working with NSW Police and major hotel owners on the Central Coast to prevent a holiday spike in new Covid-19 infections.

Terrigal Café

We also shared with you this week, some stories of businesses findi g new and clever ways to stay afloat during the crisis – one business that’s been in the spotlight this week is drive-through coffee shop Farenheit 451, who we drove by earlier today.

[Father Rod interview]

And Ross, with Easter upon us, we thought it was appropriate to seek an Easter message from the much-revered Father Rod Bower.

And finally Ross, on the paper run this morning, I thought I do a quick check around the Coast for any signs of unusual virus activity.

I took this shot from Lisarow shopping centre where everything seemed to be normal.

And then in Gosford, it was quiet, but otherwise things were business as usual.

And I caught this bit of footage from Kincumber and, as you can see, everything was pretty normal there as well.

Bin Day

Thank you David, that’s all for today. Isolation notwithstanding, we wish you all a very happy Easter.

As David noted, Issue No. 237 hit the street this morning packed full of news from around the Coast and of course, all of that news and more is available on our website.

We leave you from some images from Bin Day, kicked off on the Coast by Julie Mills, aka Superwoman, who took the view that since our wheelie bins were going out more than we are right now, we shouldn’t just let them have all the fun.

Presented by Ross Barry with David Abrahams. Video and production by Alex Herget. 9 April, 2020.