Tahlia to compete in Para World Swimming Cup

Tahlia Blanshard

Woy Woy para-athlete Tahlia Blanshard will compete at the Para World Swimming Cup this month.

Over the past two years, Tahlia has emerged as targeted athlete for this year’s Tokyo Para Olympic games as a S8 swimmer.

In 2018, Tahlia return from the Cerebral Palsy World Games Barcelona with three gold medals and one silver.

The following summer season, Tahlia won numerous gold medals at the 2019 Australian Age Championships.

From these results, she was selected onto the Australian Para Development Squad, paving her way to the World Swimming Cup.

Tahlia trains at the Peninsula Leisure Centre and her coach Mr Graeme Carroll will be supporting her in the lead-up to the Cup and towards the Paralympic selection trials to be held later this year in Adelaide.

Social media, 1 Feb 2020
Bill McMahon, Peninsula Leisure Centre