We’re selling the country


[Forum] I am asking why is it that we have a million Australians out of work when our businesses are going overseas for cheap labour and putting our nation at risk?

Why does the FIRB allow foreigners to buy our companies and then they go off shore? What sort of people do we have governing our country? We need to look after ourselves, not others first.

Over the past 40 years we have gradually been taken over by outsiders, starting with the 1970’s and never ending. Are we going to be slaves to foreign governments and companies?

Look at our wool, textiles, footwear industries, at Telstra, the NRMA, our foods coming in and our steel, mining and other industries, they’re all being decimated. Mr Prime Minister tell me how can Australians have jobs if you allow our companies to go off shore?

Email, Nov 25 Robert Findley, Point Clare