In favour of early water restrictions

Mangrove Creek Dam in 2007 at it's low pointMangrove Creek Dam in 2007 at it's low point. Archive 2007

[Forum] Central Coast Council’s decision not to impose water restrictions until our dam capacity has dropped to 50 per cent is the equivalent of a patient not going to the doctor until they are half dead.

Residents of Wyong will remember the last severe water restrictions some 11 years ago which led to an expensive water pipeline being installed to pump water from the Wyong River to the Mardi Dam.

Since then, the population has increased and recently there has been little rain. Yes, we locals have learned to be more waterwise and readily understand the need to conserve our water supply.

I believe most people are looking to council to institute a sensible early restriction. It can always be lifted if conditions change.

I don’t understand the hesitation.

Email, Dec 12 Margaret Bevege, Kanwal