Winney Bay Cliff Top Walk project supported

Aerial view of Part of the Stage 1 works at Winney Bay

[Forum] As an Avoca Beach local, I am 100 per cent in support of the Winney Bay Cliff Top Walk project.

Even my 4-year-old daughter asks me on our nature walks: Why is there a staircase that doesn’t lead anywhere? We have a spectacular piece of Australian coastline that we should be proud to showcase with a safely constructed pathway.

By updating this piece of walkway, one would anticipate even more participation in the annual 5 Lands Walk, a wonderful tourist attraction that stimulates the local community economy during the winter season. I agree with Adam Crouch when he says it would be an embarrassment to hand back the grant, not to mention a waste of the money already spent.

Email, Aug 30 Dan Czura, Avoca Beach

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