Liberal Party Branch not happy with Council spending plans

Central Coast Regional Library Concept 1Central Coast Regional Library Concept 1. (This is a design concept, not the final plans)

[Forum] An open letter to Gary Murphy, CEO of Central Coast Council.

Sir, this letter is not communicated to your email address as it is not obviously available on the Central Coast Council website.

The Brisbane Water Branch of the Liberal Party recently resolved unanimously to write to Council expressing disgust and dismay that the Council is considering spending $171M on a new library.

The world knowledge base and access has moved onto the internet, many book based libraries are under utilised and Council funds are needed in other areas. Wyong Council built an arts centre for $14M that works well and is widely accepted and utilised.

The other part of the project to build and rent out commercial office space is a silly, outrageous idea.

Councils key activities are Rates, Rubbish and Roads and Council has no skills in owning and managing commercial office space.

Email, Sep 2 Godfrey Franz, on behalf of the Brisbane Water Branch of the Liberal Party