Gosford Neurosurgeon performs Australia first surgery

Gosford Private’s Marc Coughlan

Esteemed Gosford Private Hospital Neurosurgeon , Marc Coughlan, has once again led the way for neurosurgery in Australia, introducing minimally invasive endoscopic radio frequency denervation for the treatment of back pain.

Under the revolutionary technique, radio waves are channelled through a needle inside a long, thin, flexible tube less than the width of a pencil. The needle is guided directly into the affected facet joints of the spine and the radio waves produce small, targeted areas of heat which desensitise the affected joints, thus alleviating the patients pain.

Unlike traditional radio frequency techniques, the revolutionary endoscopic approach includes a video camera, allowing the surgeon greater vision and control, ensuring effective treatment, whilst also allowing the patient to be sedated throughout the procedure.

In an Australian first, Coughlan successfully completed the surgery earlier this September. This new approach is a win-win for patients. It allows greater control and vision of what is happening during the procedure, providing more accurate treatment and potentially better outcomes for this common source of neck and back pain, Coughlan said.

Source: Media release, Sep 5 Haydn Murray, Healthe Care Australia

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