Our roads are in a bad state of repair

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[Forum] The new Central Coast Council should all resign, as since they have been in power, the roads are now in a bad state of repair.

The first time I travelled over Central roads was in January, 1950, and as I travelled from Crows Nest to Davistown, the only road that was not sealed was from Brisbania Public School, down Davistown Rd to Davistown, and that part was full of big potholes. Now, if you drive up and down Hendy Parry Dve, one can feel the wheels and front suspension system vibrate. When driving up Henry Parry towards Gosford, there is a bump on the road that goes the full width of the up road, which is opposite number 25 Henry Parry.

The motor vehicle drivers and the NRMA should form a committee to take the council to court, as the roads are destroying people’s cars, tyres and front suspension parts, and this is a danger for road safety, as worn front suspensions will cause accidents and an accident can kill. In October, I went to a funeral at Naremburn. Before I drove home, I drove around some of the back lanes of Crows Nest, some off West St and some off Alexander St, as this is an area that I am familiar with, as I grew up there. In 1952, North Sydney Council had the back lanes kerbed, guttered and tar sealed and when I drove along these back lanes, I never drove over or hit a pothole. In 1932, the NSW Government formed the department of main roads (DMR) which would soon be starting construction of concrete roads around Sydney.

The first major road was Pittwater Rd and there followed many other roads, like Bunnerong Rd, Epping Hwy, Hume Hwy and many others. All this work was completed during a world depression. How many cars have been driven over Pittwater Rd in the last 86 years? Yet in 2018, our Council cannot repair our roads that drivers have to drive over every day. And now, the NSW Premier has this vote caching brainwave to build a fast train service to Gosford, which would cost billions of dollars, and yet the roads on the Coast have no money spent on them.

Letter, Dec 6 Vic Wolf, Gosford