Crown Land for Public Recreation is under threat

Letters to the editor

[Forum] Crown Land for Public Recreation is under threat on the Central Coast. The intention of Crown Land for Public Recreation is for the people to recreate.

Why is it that, due to lack of planning for car parking spaces, some have their eyes on our Crown Land Reserves? The ill thought through sell off of Kibbleplex, the loss of the car parking spaces, the lack of adequate parking for residents in unit developments, as well as the lack of planning for population growth in the area, has resulted in the shortage of car parking spaces, and will compound exponentially with the current DCP in Gosford and the push for less car parking in some buildings. As a result, the quick and easy fix is to use our Crown Land for Public Recreation.

The use of this land only compounds the problem, and shows the lack of understanding that most have for Crown Land for Recreation. Past leaders have planned for the future and seen the need for this recreational area. Not so today, as it is seen as space to be used to correct past recent wrongs at the expense of residents’ recreational space, now and in the future. I see the Crown Land Reserves like a cake in the fridge at home. It is there for all to enjoy. However, if some use the argument, ’just take a little bit’, this results in nothing being left for all to enjoy. At home, we hear the excuses, they are hungry, they need to go out, they missed out on the biscuits and so on.

Crown Land is the same. Poor planning in the recent past is no excuse for poor decisions now. Crown Land for Recreation is not only under threat in Adcock Park, there is also the Crown Land for Recreation at Copacabana in Del Monte Pl, which is being considered for a car park. Yet another ‘just a little bit’. Additionally, there is the very large triangle at the South Eastern area of Leagues Club Field, which is also Crown Land for Public Recreation. This area has been rezoned and presently it is unclear why there would be such zoning on Recreational Crown Land. Yet another ‘just a little bit’. If there is vacant land near where you live, or you enjoy using a public open space, be sure to telephone Council, or your local State Member, and ask what Crown Land for recreation is near you.

Don’t suffer the ‘just a little bit’ mentality. Residents of the Central Coast be warned, this Crown Land Reserve land is like the cake in my fridge. You, like me at home, may end up with mere crumbs and the job of cleaning up. Sadly, Crown Land is not like a cake and more can’t be baked.

Email, Dec 14 Joy Cooper, Green Point