We need to support Affordable Housing Strategy

Central Coast Affordable Housing Strategy. Image CC CouncilCentral Coast Affordable Housing Strategy. Image CC Council

[Forum] Thank you for the excellent coverage that you have given the Public Exhibition of the Council’s Draft Strategy on Affordable and Alternative Housing.

Council is providing many ways that local residents can be educated on what Affordable Housing means and how desperately our community needs to increase the stock of housing options that residents can afford. Over half of our local residents need housing that is more affordable than they presently can find, or to find any housing they can afford.

I am sad that some residents have the wrong information about housing needs and current best practice for housing developments. Governments , community housing agencies and private developers have all learned from the mistakes of the past and will work to make all new housing attractive, safe and well supported for all tenants and purchasers.

We need to support this Draft Strategy and encourage Council to continue with making this area a priority by urgently starting to investigate and implement the recommendations to ensure that an increased stock of affordable housing is available here, on the Coast, as soon as possible.

Email, Oct 19 Kathy Smith, Woongarrah