Mikalah’s big idea

Mikalah StricklingMikalah Strickling has been selected as a finalist in Origin’s competition "littleBIGideas"

Mikalah Strickland, a Year 6 student at Green Point Christian College, has been named a national finalist in the 2018 Origin’s LittleBigIdea Competition.

LittleBigIdea seeks to unearth Australia’s greatest young inventors and provides students with a platform to submit any ideas that help people in some way, or make life easier. The annual competition promotes creativity, ingenuity, problem solving and critical thinking skills in young Australians, and attracts thousands of entries each year.

Mikalah was named one of just 12 finalists in this year’s competition, beating nearly 3,000 entrants, with her Composting Hot Shower Machine. Mikalah’s invention recycles hot water systems and combines them with a compost bin to generate hot water, meaning no gas or electricity is needed to power the system.

The machine also has the added benefit of minimising the odours associated with home composting, whilst also deterring pests attracted to compost bins. Should Mikalah’s invention win her age division at this year’s fi nal judging, she’ll be taken on an all expenses paid innovation tour of the United States. Winners will be announced at the end of November.

Source: Website, Nov 5 LittleBIGIdeas 2018 Finalists