State Government has a responsibility for channel

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[Forum] Following meetings and the ongoing misinformation being given regarding Ettalong Channel dredging, Matthew Wales makes the comment in an open letter dated October 7, to business and residents that the channel has not been dredged.

I quote: “Sadly, the siltation of the channel has arisen because of lack of maintenance dredging over the last 10 years by the former Gosford Council.” This implies that the whole problem is Council’s. What has the State Government done for those years? One must wonder does this mean Council gets all the fees? I believe not. The Peninsula Chamber of Commerce seems to favour one level of government over another.

Doesn’t the State Government receive over $1m a year for mooring fees plus owns the land under the water? The title Roads and Maritime Services seems to imply by name alone that the State Government has a responsibility to do its part money wise. To suggest otherwise is to mislead, as implied that the past 10 years is all Council’s fault. The Chamber should provide all of the facts in a fair and reasonable way.

Email, 13 Oct 2018 Tony Farina, Kariong