MP or councillor, but not both

Letters to the editorLetters to the editor

[Forum]  I write in response to the article in Coast Community News (Edition 187) that Cr Jeff Sundstrom will stand for the seat of Terrigal at the next State Election.

Cr Sundstrom has the right to stand for the state seat while being a Councillor on the new Central Coast Council (CCC), but for him to state that if he is successful in his bid to be a state MP, that he can also be a Councillor is wrong, in my opinion.
If Cr Sundstrom thinks the Terrigal electorate or the ratepayers will be happy to have a representative who can only give half of his time to either entity, he is sorely mistaken.
I think that you are either a local representative or a state one, you can’t do both with the 100 per cent commitment required by each sector of voters.
If Cr Sundstrom is serious about representing the people of the Terrigal electorate, he should resign from Council prior to the election to show his commitment to the electorate.
Also, any other sitting Councillors who are thinking of also standing for the election should do the same.
If he is successful, we will have another Councillor put the Central Coast community aside for the bright lights of State Parliament.

Email, Jul 24,2018, Carl Veugen, Umina Beach