Climate change needs to be considered with all DAs

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[Forum] The state is taking total control of Gosford’s revitalisation. Climate change action is not included in any of the documents.

Central Coast Council is preparing a policy which presumably will be publicly exhibited.
Gosford City Council’s short, three-page, 2011 policy, will need to be significantly expanded to address climate change.
For example, I was horrified to hear the advice from a Council employee, that it does not have DA assessment criteria for climate change.
This information has been recently supplied.
Public comment will inevitably conflict with the state controlled growth strategy across the LGA, with increasing conflict assured between the public, Central Coast Council and the state government.
An international climate change conference should be organised for Gosford, with special invitations sent to the staff of Central Coast Council.
It could potentially be a win-win situation.
Gosford would benefit, but more importantly, Council staff may benefit.

Letter, Jun 27
Norman Harris, Umina