Aero Club believes airport is a vital community asset

Medivac at Warnervale AirportMedivac at Warnervale Airport. Archive image

Central Coast Aero Club (CCAC) President, Andrew Smith, has outlined the club’s position on the future of the airport at Warnervale.

“There has been a lot of media attention around the airport of late, with Central Coast Council debating the future of the Airport and local media printing various stories with respect to the airport and its role going forward,” Smith said. “The CCAC believes the airport is a vital community asset and the only general aviation airport servicing the Central Coast’s 325,000 people,” he said. “The airport can continue to provide these services and grow in an intelligent and environmentally sound manner within the bounds of current legislation, and in a fashion which will look after the interests of our local community.

“The CCAC believes the Central Coast (Warnervale) Airport is a vital, irreplaceable and strategic community asset needed to: support emergency service operations, such as police, air ambulance and RFS water bombing and fire reconnaissance; provide aviation related education and skills training, including qualification of commercial pilots; provide youth opportunities such as the proposed return of the Air League to the airfield; within the current scope of maintenance activities, continue to provide opportunities for apprentices and work experience; and, support the permanent preservation of the Porters Creek Wetlands to the south and surrounding E2 conservation land.”

According to the CCAC statement, the airport is also important to: facilitate tourism, benefitting local small businesses through fl yins, open days and the like; facilitate the operation of local businesses, and the status of the local government area as a place to establish businesses, by the continued operation of a local airport; support charitable works such as the Club’s annual community open days providing free flights for disabled and disadvantaged children and their families; provide recreational flying opportunities for local residents; and, retain the existing clubs social environment for its members.” “It is the only airport between Bankstown and Cessnock/Maitland accommodating general aviation.

“The existing operations, and the potential operations of the type referred to above, can be accommodated within the bounds of the Warnervale Airport (Restrictions) Act 1996 and on the existing runway without any expansion of the site. “In addition, it can be achieved with ‘fl y neighbourly’ noise abatement procedures, as currently practised. “The Club opposes: any extension of the existing runway; any expansion of the airfield into the Porters Creek Wetlands to the south or surrounding E2 conservation land; or, introduction of RPT services, jet or heavy turbine aircraft. “The airfield has significant current and future benefits for Central Coast residents and the people of NSW.”

Source: Position statement, Jun 26 Andrew Smith, Central Coast Aero Club Ltd

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