Revenue from moorings should be used for dredging

Ettalong Channel dredging resumed on September 25 Photo: Julian BowkerEttalong Channel dredging on September 25 Photo: Julian Bowker

[Forum] The Council is quite right regarding finance for the dredging of all channels in our waterways.

That is totally the responsibility of the state. I wonder if the government can tell the people where the money from all the levies from wharves, moorings and other revenue is going? Sydney, I suppose. The other thing is, if the Federal Government gives finance to councils throughout Australia, why do the states get it first and take 10 per cent out just to rewrite the cheque? Where does this money go?

To a bureaucrat, I suppose, to carry out some stupid task for that purpose. A number of our sincere citizens are asking the same question, then that will contribute to voting at the next elections. Let’s also put the public servants in their place, as proper servants of the people, not to their private pockets. I remember my grandfather telling me that a good politician is a good public servant, I haven’t seen a lot of them in the past 40 years.

Email, June 1 Robert Findley, Point Clare

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