Rainfall still not up to average

Umina cumulative rainfall graph. Live graph embedded in the article. Imgage: CommunityNewsPartnersUmina cumulative rainfall graph. Live graph embedded in the article. Imgage: CommunityNewsPartners

[Umina] Despite the drenching the Central Coast received over the June long weekend, rainfall data compiled by Mr Jim Morrison indicates the Woy Woy Peninsula is still receiving well below average rainfalls this winter.

Over the first two weeks of June, the Peninsula experienced light rainfall over seven of the 14 days. The areas highest recorded rainfall was captured on June 6 with 18.6mm recorded. The lowest recorded fall occurred on June 12 with 0.4mm. The Peninsula has now recorded below average rainfall across five of the first six months of 2018. As of June 15, the Peninsula has so far recorded an average rainfall of 53.4mm. Comparatively, by the same date in June 2017, the Peninsula had recorded 99.3mm.

June has traditionally been the wettest month of the year for the Peninsula, however, rainfall figures in the last five years do indicate that on occasion the area does suffer dry periods. In 2014 and 2015, the Peninsula recorded 84.4mm and 84.7mm of rain for the month of June respectively. In 2016 and 2017 it recorded 369.9mm and 190.4mm respectively. Given these results, it is impossible to predict how the final figures will look for June 2018, but given the truly below average rainfall in May and the fact that July is traditionally one of the Peninsula’s driest months, the prospect of a drought continues to linger.

SOURCE: Spreadsheet, Jun 15 Jim Morrison, Umina

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