Terrigal pathway not wanted

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[Forum] I appeal to all locals and visitors from Sydney, who love Terrigal, to oppose Mr Adam Crouch’s proposed vandalism of the rock platform between Terrigal main beach and The Haven.

Mr Crouch intends to have erected an ugly, unnecessary and unneeded, timber pathway over the natural beauty of the rock platform. No walkway is needed and I doubt many businesses require it. There is a beautiful, well-used pathway built by Gosford Council over the short incline between the main beach and The Haven, with magnificent views of the ocean, the whole of Terrigal Beach and The Haven. This pathway is used by mothers with prams, walkers with dogs, joggers and the elderly, without too much effort. As people come and go, there is sufficient parking at The Haven for those unable to walk the path.

In case Mr Crouch hasn’t noticed, periodically, massive seas damage and destroy buildings on the waterfront at The Haven, as I’m sure the restauranteurs and insurance companies will attest. In fact, one of those restaurants still has damage from the last high sea, as yet unrepaired, so that the glass doors cannot be opened properly and there is no longer seating on the strip of the balcony over sand. This restaurant sits much higher above the ocean than the proposed ugly timber pathway. I suspect this proposal to deface the beautiful short rock platform is a quest for glory by Mr Couch, you know, the Adam Crouch Pathway. Man cannot improve upon the beauty of nature, so please, Mr Crouch, please do not mar a beautiful asset with this unnecessary and ugly path. $3m to build this is obscene.

Email, May 20 Lesley Wilson, Terrigal