Three interesting programs on offer for young people

Kim McLaughry CEO of RYSS, Chris Holstein and Alex McNeal

Regional Youth Support Services is promoting three programs in its 2018 Youth Arts Warehouse line-up.
Play Write Intersection; Movement, Music and Mind; and, On the Page Social Media Marketing and Advertising, all commence in February and will run throughout 2018, at various times, at the Warehouse.
Play Write Intersection is targeting 12 to 18 year olds interested in theatre and is funded by Council and Create NSW.
Participants will work as a group to write and produce an original play.
Throughout the course, participants will engage in script writing, acting, characterisation and drama games under industry professional mentorship, all whilst meeting new people.
Play Write Intersection will run every Tuesday from February 6 until September 25.
Movement, Music and Mind is a dynamic performance group, aimed at young people living with a disability, between the ages of 15 to 25.
Participants will learn to feel comfortable creating and performing expressive movement.
It will be a chance for young people to tune in to their own instructs, reactions and rhythms, whilst engaging with other young people and industry professionals to curate an expressive performance piece.
Movement, Music and Mind will take place every Wednesday from February 7 until June 28.
Off the Page will teach participants project management, marketing and design skills through a live project.
It will also feature an introduction to the Adobe suite, film editing, social media post creation, and advertising (radio, print and photography).
Participants will be able to build a creative portfolio and work on Central Coast Comicon, with the guidance of industry professionals.
Off the Page will run every Tuesday from February 13 until May 8.
This course is tailored to 15 to 25 year olds.

Media release, Jan 30
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