Mangrove Mountain & Spencer Advisory Committee agenda

Overhead photographs show extensive use of polypipe, pumps and irrigation equipment being used to manage leachate and run off at the Mangrove Mountain landfill

The next meeting of the Central Coast Council’s Mangrove Mountain and Spencer Advisory Committee will be held at the Mangrove Mountain Community Hall on February 27 at 5:00pm.

The meeting will be a workshop, with a presentation by Mr Gary Chestnut on a report put together by the Mountain Districts Association calling for a Commission of Inquiry into the landfill. The workshop will also look at coming up with the top 10 agenda topics the committee will aim to consider in the short term. At the first committee meeting, members came up with a list of 32 future agenda topics, including the legislative framework, traffic, and fencing in Jilliby State Forest.

Members called for an update from Council staff regarding Council’s current actions and the alleged failure to comply with the EPA’s environmental guidelines for solid waste landfills. Alleged breaches of groundwater and destruction of permanent watercourses without statutory consent was another potential agenda topic, along with the potential risk factors for the existing waste mound and potential risk to the Central Coast water supply. Another agenda topic suggested at the first meeting was the key findings of the technical, environmental and operational review from May 2017, and the legal standing and position of the Land and Environment Court order of Gosford City Council versus Verde Terra Pty Ltd.

Another member suggested that the committee should review the latest landfill environmental management plan, the latest leachate management plan and the latest soil and water management plan. Another topic was the legal status of the current operations on site, involving excavation east of Area B, which was undertaken in 2017. The committee also plans to view the landfill site from an adjoining property at the next meeting. A presentation will also be given regarding the alleged dumping at Spencer.

Source: Agenda item 3.3, Feb 12 Central Coast Council ordinary meeting