Fitness equipment installed at Killcare

The new fitness tower has been installed at Killcare Surf ClubThe new fitness tower has been installed at Killcare Surf Club

The installation of fitness equipment has been completed at Killcare Surf Club. “The second set of Bouddi fitness equipment, fully financed by the Wagstaffe-Killcare Community Association, has been installed,” said the association president Ms Peta Colebatch.

In 2017 the Association raised $54,000 for equipment installed at Turo Park and now at the Surf Club. “Considerable investigation into the fitness towers was required to assure ourselves that the marine grade version selected, with fully sealed stainless bearings and shafts plus hot-dip galvanising of the structures, would ensure a good life in the adverse sea spray conditions near salt water,” she said. “The new Surf Club tower includes the three best fitness testers, and will be popular for all, including seniors, who will no longer have to drive long distances for a workout,” she said.

SOURCE: Newsletter, 2 Feb 2018 Peta Colebatch, WTKCA

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