Elder abuse needs to be more widely reported


Is it not strange that abuse of the elderly in nursing homes seldom gets reported to the police, or brought to the notice of the media?
Some seniors who arrive at these so called nursing homes have their lives shortened and have died, partly due to neglect, abuse, and poor medical care.
I would like to point out to nursing home managers and health bureaucrats that your silence to these problems and abuses, or turning a blind eye, gives consent for these abuses to carry on without fear of being reported to police.
Who does the lonely senior who may not have even one visitor for the last 12 months, and no one cares for, turn to for help?
What a sad sorry state of affairs for these mature Australians, to be treated like this, shown no respect or care.
The shame of it all.

Email, Nov 25
Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

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