Roundtable held at Ocean Beach

Local representatives at the Domestic Violence roundtableLocal representatives at the Domestic Violence roundtable

A domestic violence roundtable was held at the Ocean Beach Surf Life Saving Club on Wednesday, November 8.
It was attended by community service providers, Brisbane Water Local Area police leaders, charity workers, and people who had experienced domestic and family violence.
The roundtable discussed the urgent need to fund local community programs to change community attitudes and reduce domestic and family violence.
“I thank all the participants for sharing their experiences,” said Federal Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Ms Tanya Pliersek, who attended the roundtable with Labor Candidate for Robertson, Ms Anne Charlton and Senator Deborah O’Neill.
“It’s not an easy thing to do,” Ms Plibersek said.
“The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Personal Safety Survey, released just yesterday, shows startling increases in violence against women.
“While public awareness of family and domestic violence has improved, greater effort is needed to see a reduction in violence against women and their children,” she said.

Media release, 9 Nov 2017
Rhys Zorro, Office of Senator Deborah O’Neill

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