Female Public toilets at Terrigal Beach are an absolute disgrace


The female public toilets at Terrigal Beach are an absolute disgrace.
There is such poor natural lighting that numerous fluorescent lights are on all day, a cost I’m sure Council would prefer they didn’t have.
Even with the lights on, the toilets feel dark.
There is always water on the floor, at times up to an inch deep, and the ‘punched out bricks’ at the floor level don’t allow the water to flow off the floor.
Two of the basins have been ‘capped off’ and taken away.
The toilet roll holders look like they have been supplied by inmates at a jail who are yet to be trained in metal welding.
The toilet paper comes off one square at a time.
Is this really the look we want for visitors to the area and residents?

Email, Oct 30
Joy Cooper, Green Point