Budgewoi cyclists taking their life in their own hands

This is an open letter to the Budgewoi and surrounds cycling community.

For the love of God, please stop cycling across Budgewoi Bridge and up Scenic Dve into the western village. That is the main road. It is constantly in use and there is absolutely no way for both cyclists and motorists to safely use the stretch of Scenic Dve that connects the eastern village to Halekulani and the western village of Budgewoi. There are no cyclists’ lanes, and the breakdown lane on this stretch of Scenic Dve is riddled with potholes, loose gravel and bus stops. So why then do cyclists continuously use this stretch of road when it is obvious to everyone that it is ill suited to their hobby?

Cyclists using this stretch of Scenic Dve always ride on the road and seem to have little to no regard for the motorists they impede. You are literally causing congestion because you will not use an alternative route. There is no way for cars let alone larger vehicles to safely pass you without dipping into the other lane. This is also a huge issue on Budgewoi Bridge. Why can you not cycle on either of the massive pedestrian footpaths on the bridge instead of cycling over the bridge and forcing motorists to slow down to speeds of 30km and under depending on your pace? Why can’t you turn off and cycle down Natuna Ave if you don’t want to use the Darren Smith Memorial Cycleway? You know, the cycle path designed for cyclists? Or you could use the southern side pedestrian path on Budgewoi Bridge turn down Diamond Head Dve and, low and behold, there’s another large footpath, perfect for cycling, that connects Budgewoi to Buff Point with multiple connections to back streets in both suburbs.

I don’t understand why you’re choosing to put yourself at risk and just blatantly put your desire to ride your bike above every motorist using the main road in Budgewoi. As already stated, our main roads are ill-suited for cycling, which is why Council has invested so much in upgrading our cycling and walking pathways, and Budgewoi has excellent footpaths you can utilise. Now I want to make it clear, I don’t think you should never ride your bike along our roads, but this stretch of road and single lane connecting bridge should not be on your cycling path. If you must cycle towards Buff Point and San Remo, then please use the footpath on the northern side of Budgewoi Bridge, turn down Natuna Ave and then connect back onto the main road via Tenth Ave. This may add a few minutes to your ride, but it is so much safer for everyone involved, and doesn’t impede on motorists trying to use Scenic Dve. Once you get past Halekulani Oval, then by all means please feel free to cycle in the breakdown lane on Scenic Dve, but the stretch of road before that should really be footpath or side streets only. This may seem biased towards motorists, but simply put, since there’s no cycling lane on this road, you are actively making the choice to cause traffic delays when you could just cycle elsewhere.

Email, Oct 4 James Robb, Budgewoi