Don’t even consider reopening the project


Regarding the Coast Community News article on the Mangrove Mountain garbage dump, published July 13, issue 162, I am delighted to see that people are still concerned about this man-made disaster.
Congratulations to the two organisations on their stance.
I agree with most of their comments.
Disappointingly for myself and Mangove Mountains and Districts Community Group, had these people helped some 15 years ago to highlight our concerns regarding the long-term environmental dangers, we would not now have a huge garbage dump across part of the Central Coast’s water supply.
They only offered excuses: too far out; don’t want to hurt golf course; didn’t want to support a controversial issue.
Please don’t even consider reopening the project.
Consider these facts.
Initially the community was canvassed and made comment on the proposal for “a small levelling project using only clean rock and soil fill, definitely not to go near any water course or impact on the same”.
I was one who trusted the information presented, that the project would be complete in about two years and properly checked during the progress.
There was a Development Application too.
Like many others, I had concerns, but supported the project with misgivings.
We got a “yes” commitment to definitely no garbage at all, and leave the creeks as they were created.
Now by stealth, greed, mates’ agreements, you name it, we have a huge garbage dump with all sorts of rubbish, some very dangerous, seeping into Ourimbah Creek, etc.
Stringy Bark Creek has been wiped out, the community space sold.
The Council won’t even allow Stringy Bark Creek’s long-term name to be gazetted “because it is in a controversial area” at last report.
What makes any intelligent person believe reopening the site could improve anything?
We could not rely on or trust the applicant operators, Council or government authorities.
Mangrove Mountain and Districts Community Group, truck drivers, conservationists and community members always said it was not a good idea from the start, all those years ago.
Even now, no one is talking about something as simple as one of our Mountain storm events, with or without greenhouse.
How are they or their effects controlled?
The Coast will only need more water in the catchment.
Some things shouldn’t happen and this garbage dump was one of them.
Get rid of it now and learn from the mistakes.
The Mountain lost its space, the Coast’s water is compromised and a few made a lot of cash.
Maybe the community can make another nice 18 hole unique golf course, like it did with the red scheme, on the ruins, when it’s cleaned up.
This garbage dump is and always was a bad, dangerous, environmental disaster in totally the wrong place.

Letter, Aug 15
Margaret Pontifex, Mangrove Mountain

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