Carl Veugen calls for an independent inquiry into the former Gosford Council

Save Tuggerah Lakes (STL) candidate for the Gosford West Ward, Mr Carl Veugen, is calling for an independent inquiry into the former Gosford Council after the ABC’s 4 Corners program revealed the extent of the dumping at Mangrove Mountain and Spencer.
“Where were the Council’s Environmental Officers and Managers, Councillors or Mayors during these past years?” Mr Veugen said.
“This is an indefensible situation.
“Both of these detestable waste dumps sit within environmentally sensitive areas.
“Firstly, the illegal dump at Spencer sits right next to the magnificent Hawksbury River which feeds to our southern beaches which are enjoyed by our local community and visiting tourists alike.
“Also, our local fishing fleet is located at Patonga and surrounds, which get their catch from in and around the river.
“Both of these locations and industries have been put in peril if dangerous pollutants were to show.
“Then there is the Mangrove Mountain Landfill, this landfill sits atop an aquifer and within a catchment for the Central Coast’s potable drinking water, which in itself, is a disgrace,” Mr Veugen continued.
“This landfill needs to have the pause button pressed at once to have a full independent review done to establish the complete extent of any damage done so far; plus the investigation needs to ascertain any possible future damage to the environment,” Mr Veugen concluded.

Media release, Aug 15
Carl Veugen, STL candidate for Gosford West Ward