33 unit development approved for West Gosford

An aerial image of the subject site

In another effort to streamline apartment style living in Gosford City and to provide housing options for the predicted population boom, Central Coast Council has approved another multistorey Residential Flat Building.
The approved $11.9m, eight storey building is set to provide West Gosford with 33 new units, two levels of parking and any associated servicing and landscaping (DA49552/2016).
The Residential Flat Building (RFB) is situated at 72-74 Donnison St, and according to the Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE), has been designed in direct response to the nature of the site, with a focus on respecting the viewing, solar access and privacy rights of existing developments.
The subject site is located within Gosford’s General Residential Zone as well as the Gosford City Centre Development Incentive Area.
The subject site is identified as Lot 4 and 5, Section 94 in Deposited Plan 758466, with each lot comprising 676.58m squared.
The subject site contains no easements, restrictions or encumbrances requiring consideration as part of this development.
The subject site consists of two (2) rectangular pieces of land with a total road frontage of approximately 32.92m to Donnison St West and a depth of approximately 41.15m.
Lot 4 currently contains a rendered brick single storey dwelling, while Lot 5 contains a brick, fibre cement and metal clad single storey dwelling.
The site is located within the south-western corner of Gosford City Centre in an area which contains a mix of medium density housing.
A number of residential flat buildings are located within the immediate surrounds of the subject site.
The SEE provides a site plan with two levels of basement mixed use parking, mixed parking and apartments available on the ground floor and mixed style apartments throughout the remaining eight levels.
The SEE states: “The proposed residential flat building development will increase the residential density of the site through the provision of 33 units able to assist in accommodating the housing needs of the community whilst also adding to the residential variety of Gosford City Centre.
“The proposed development is compatible with the intended scale and desired character of the local area as well as the wider streetscape which is undergoing a process of regeneration.
“The building has been designed to take into account the topography of the site as well as the existing surrounding dwellings.
“It also incorporates a modern design, so as to add to the amenity and visual interest of the city centre.
“The building encapsulates significant articulation through the use of a variety of materials.
“The area contains a number of aged dwellings; however, these are slowly being replaced by more intensive residential development in line with Gosford’s desired character.
“The proposed building follows this trend through the use of exemplary architectural design and unit mix.”
This development, being orchestrated by Gosford Water Views Pty Ltd.

Document, Jul 12
DA49552/2016, Gosford E-Planning Portal
Dilon Luke, Journalist