Waste management charges to increase for residents in multi-dwelling housing

Some of the pile of general waste at Mangrove Mountain

Residents in multi-dwelling housing will incur increases in their annual domestic waste management charges.
The increase will be due to a decision by Central Coast Council to “harmonise” domestic waste charges across the new local government area, which takes in both the former Gosford and Wyong LGAs.
“The result is that residents of the former Gosford Local Government Area will incur an increase of $35 a year for the standard three bin and kerbside pick-up service,” Central Coast Council’s 2017-18 operational plan said.
“However as a result of other adjustments in rates and annual charges, for example the discontinuation of the water safety levy, the overall amount of rates and charges paid will broadly be in line with the proposed pathway,” the plan said.
“In reviewing impacts on individual ratepayers, it was noted that on face value, multi-dwelling facilities, where a number of individual residences and a number of waste management services exist in one facility, will incur significant increases in waste management charges.
“Further analysis indicates that this is linear with the number of residences and the average increase per residence is in line with the standard increase noted above.”

Agenda item 3.7, Jun 28
Central Coast Council ordinary meeting

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