Gosford Beaches Coastal Zone Management Plan certified

Storm damage at Wamberal in June 2016 was described as the worst since 1974 when houses were lost

The NSW Government has certified the Coastal Zone Management Plan for the former Gosford LGA beaches.
However, the measures it puts in place differ from those currently on exhibition for the former Wyong LGA beaches.
“Council’s Gosford Beaches Coastal Zone Management Plan will now guide Council’s approach to the protection of public and private property from future coastal erosion,” said Council Administrator, Mr Ian Reynolds.
Mr Reynolds said the certification of the Plan was the start of the process of Council, the community, landowners and the State Government working together to protect the Coast’s unique coastline for generations to come.
“The community’s right to access and enjoy our beaches is paramount, and this Plan clearly outlines the responsibilities of landowners and government to ensure that can happen,” Mr Reynolds said.
“Now that the Plan has been gazetted, Council is the consent authority for most protection works on beaches and nearby land.
“Landowners are reminded that they must lodge a development application to get approval for such works before they proceed.
“This process is in place to ensure that the presence of any protection works does not adversely impact on adjoining private and public property or affect the long-term amenity of a public beach.”
Now that the Plan has been certified, Council is in a position to apply for State Government funding to help manage coastal hazards and other issues in a timely and cost-effective manner.
The Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) is currently undertaking a cost-benefit analysis for its design of a proposed revetment wall along the whole of Wamberal Beach.
“Once the design, cost benefit analysis and construction cost is completed by OEH and made available to Council, Council can then have an informed and constructive conversation with local landowners, State Government, and the community about a possible permanent solution for beach erosion at Wamberal and how it might be funded,” Mr Reynolds said.
“We need to ensure that any permanent solution for Wamberal Beach balances the needs of private landholders to protect their properties, ensures the community can continue to access and enjoy this popular public beach, and provides an appropriate means of funding those works”.

Newsletter, Jun 9
Central Coast Council media

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