Funding for UFO group questioned

A Tuggerah Lakes UFO Group has come under fire following the exposure of almost $6,000 in federal funding being awarded to the group in the past four years.
The UFO group first received $2,994 in funding in 2013, and more recently, $2,645 was awarded in this year’s volunteer grant program.
The Minister for Social Service, Mr Christian Porter, has launched an investigation into how exactly the group has received thousands of dollars of tax payer funds describing it as a “Beam me up Scotty” moment when he found out about it.
“I’m sure that they are very nice people and that there are lots of volunteers who are getting something out of it.
“But looking at it from my perspective as a representative of tax payers, it did not seem to me to pass a common sense test particularly well.
“I asked the department to hold the transmission of the funds until they can give me a little bit more detail around what the group does,” Mr Porter told the ABC.

ABC Interview, May 19
Christian Porter, Minister for Social Services

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