Application lodged to add seven lots to Hamlyn Terrace subdivision

An aerial view of the 41-lot subdivision land at Hamlyn Terrace

An application to modify a 41-lot residential subdivision at 259 to 269 Warnervale Rd, Hamlyn Terrace, has been placed on public exhibition by Central Coast Council.
The Section 96 modification application involves a minor reconfiguration of the approved residential subdivision lot layout.
According to documents submitted with the Section 96 application, the DA for the subdivision was originally approved by Wyong Council in July 2004.
A Section 96 application to stage the development was approved in March 2010 and a construction certificate was also issued in 2010.
Council has previously acknowledged that physical commencement of the project has been achieved so the previous approvals have not lapsed.

“The modified proposal …seeks slight adjustments to allotment boundaries within the approved development footprint in order to increase yield by an additional six residential allotments to create a total of 48 allotments,” according to documents submitted with the application.

“Therefore, the total number of lots now proposed is 48, comprising 44 residential lots, two residue lots, one open space lot and one drainage lot.
“Proposed residue Lots 145 and 146 are to be included as part of Stages 3 and 4 in the subdivision of Lot 55 DP 658429.
“The proposed reconfigured subdivision layout would provide for a better mix of lot sizes in recognition of the current housing market demand.
“The approved and partially constructed internal road system would remain unchanged.
As of June 19 no objections to the Section 96 amendment had been lodged with Council.


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Central Coast Council Wyong DA Tracker, DA422/1998

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