Draft policy for asbestos management on public exhibition

Land and Environment Court inspection of Wamberal Beach in January with Mr Phil Watson and Mr Bruce Thom from the NSW Coastal Panel adjacent to the suspected asbestos materials,

Central Coast Council has endorsed a draft of the first ever policy for asbestos management on the Central Coast to go out on public exhibition.
This policy is based on the Model Asbestos Policy for NSW Councils, released by the Department of Premier and Cabinet, which requests Councils to review their current asbestos management policies and amend where necessary.
Council Administrator, Mr Ian Reynolds, said at the time of amalgamation that neither the former Wyong nor Gosford Councils had an Asbestos Management Policy.
“There is a genuine concern about handling this potentially deadly product and it is time we had a consistent approach to its management across the entire Central Coast community,” Mr Reynolds said.
“A product which unfortunately was commonplace in building materials right across Australia between the 1940s and the late 1980s, is still having repercussions over a decade since being banned,” he said.
“That is at the heart of this policy.
“It provides all the information Council and the community need to manage asbestos risk and sets out roles and responsibilities that are consistent across NSW, so we all know where we stand and are doing the right thing.”
The new Draft Asbestos Policy will go out on public exhibition shortly and residents are encouraged to comment via Council’s Your Voice Our Coast website.

Media release,
Mar 22, 2017
Central Coast Council media