Still time to save Kangy Angy

Letters to the editor

It is not too late to change the Kangy Angy Train maintenance site to a different location.
Since the changes in the Wyong (now Central Coast) Council, the Warnervale site listed highly on the original Transport for NSW site evaluation, but later excluded by the Council’s property department, Warnervale, could now be a potential site again, with a number of advantages over the complicated Kangy Angy location.
Warnervale was excluded by the Wyong Council on the grounds that they were going to build an “education facility” in the area and construct a “Link Road” between Watanobbi and Warnervale.
Both those would have been somewhat west of the Transport for NSW maintenance site, but I guess the Council was wanting to protect their interests.
The new Council no longer talks about the “educational facility” but retains an interest in having the Link Road.
The problem with this is that the NSW Roads Department has rejected funding the $50 million road on the basis that it is not financially viable.
The Council, however, is still keen to find a way to fund it to give a better access between Wyong and Warnervale.
The suggested site at Warnervale for your maintenance site would need a heavy vehicle road from the site to Sparks Rd, probably less than 2km.
However, if you were prepared to fund a proportion of the Council’s Link Road (part of which would be used by your transport needs), the Council could well see the advantages of having your maintenance site at Warnervale.
That site would eliminate your expensive need to build an over the railway bridge and roundabout as well as taking your heavy duty traffic off the Wyong Road congestion.
Result: a much simpler site, minimal flooding, good access, no residential cost and originally assessed by the evaluation team as high on the list.
There is still time to change, to everyone’s advantage.
Worth a thought?

Mar 7, 2017
Tony Caldersmith,
Kangy Angy

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